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An Interview with Artist Colette Standish

Art 4 All People and AY Atelier was  first introduced to Colette and her sensual and grounding Art in Art 4 All Peoples Mother Exhibition in May of 2012.  She submitted her work and we as a curatorial team thought that it was perfect for the exhibition. The Mother exhibition was an empowering gathering of transcendent artists who all were revering and honoring the Feminine within us all.

We are so elated that she has joined us in our Online Transformative Art Movement!

Please enjoy her amazing insights!

Lisa & Ceylan

As an Artist what is the significance of doing Transformative Art in these times, in this century in the now?

This century has seen so much advancement in technology that at times it seems impossible to keep up. Although change is natural and vital for our evolution, at times though, it seems one is forced into change by a world intent on advancement just for the sake of it. I live in Northern California – a transplant from London, UK – which has the most natural beauty and resources in the world. But to the Hi tech residents, who also have transplanted themselves and their interior worlds from Silicon Valley, it is just  visual white noise. I am not against technology but there has to be a balance.

Years ago society looked to its artists to see the future but in theses times of forced change, the role of the artist has changed. It has become one of reflection: echoing what one sees and is dictated to.

That is why Transformative art is so very important and significant today. Its complex yet simple visuals enables one to reach into other realms with out any technological aide: It makes you address the bigger picture and look beyond the one dimension that is forced upon us. It takes time to look at and  understand art: whether its new contemporary  works of today or old more established art works. Society’s thirst for temporal accelerated self gratification, ‘ Dumbing down’ has reached new heights, therefore it is imperative that  artists today readdress this balance and transform at a pace which is ideal for humanity and art . In other words, slow down, redress and use ones imagination rather than always being told what to see and think.

In your work you use the body as a reference point. Can you explain why and about your process?

The body is always the first point of reference on any given project I work on. It acts a spring board. With these recent paintings, the figure was at first constructed then deconstructed and finally reconstructed again. Sometime the images are strongly figurative other times they lean towards the abstract. By moving constantly between these realms, one creates a home between the two.

Although I have used various mediums in my work, with these paintings I chose to work with watercolor and gouache ; I felt these mediums necessitated the soft sensuousness of eroticism that I wanted to express. Also the fluidity of water based paints, the colors and their rhythms , evoke a human presence. Sometimes they work harmoniously and other times they clash. When they do clash, the images become fragmented and produce their own rules and regulations of which I find very exciting.

What does art mean to you?

It gives me a sense of balance in a unstable world. It’s a tool which helps me convey to the world at large to look beyond its boundaries. To use its imagination and open up to all possibilities. It may not always be about beauty; art can be confrontational and challenging but it makes you feel alive. Art is fundamental to life: from its conception, destruction and it’s rebirth into something new and vital. Reflecting the alchemical transformation of the soul that happens as we dance through life. That is art to me

You can view and acquire Colette’s work at this link Click Here

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